We are proud to work with fantastic brands and suppliers and always keen to learn about their story.

Our ethos is to source products that are kind to the environment. This means we look at everything from raw materials, production and manufacturing processes right down to how we even package up your order!

We understand that the world is changing and global environmental issues are changing all the time. We will always try our best to move with this and work alongside change to help promote a more sustainable living through the products we choose to consume.

We aim to help identify each products raw materials, and the reasons why they are a better alternative to what a consumer may currently be using.

We will look at how and where products are made.

We will highlight how our suppliers are supporting a similar ethos to ours and give reasons as to why we have chosen to stock their products within our lifestyle store.

And finally, we want to offer you products that make you feel good!

Plastic Free + Biodegradable + Sustainable + Vegan + Ethical + Fair Trade + Reusable + Recyclable + Compostable + Zero Waste

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