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Our Reed Diffusers

How fragrant are Handmade Reed Diffusers?

We find that our reed diffusers fill small to medium spaces, such as a bedroom or bathroom quite nicely. We like that our diffusers won’t overwhelm a room and can be enjoyed in the same space every day.

How long do Handmade Reed Diffusers last?

Our reed diffusers last about 2-3 months, usually longer. For the best fragrance experience, we recommend flipping the rattan reeds weekly or when the fragrance becomes faint. We also suggest keeping diffusers away from direct sunlight or anything that emits heat to prevent the reeds from drying out prematurely.

How much oil should be in a Handmade Reed Diffuser bottle?

Each bottle is filled with precisely 150ml of scented diffuser oil. You will notice that the diffuser oil does not completely fill the bottle. This is to prevent spillage when the reeds are placed in the bottle, and allows the diffuser to properly soak up and disperse the fragrance.

What ingredients are included in Handmade Reed Diffusers?

Handmade Reed Diffusers contain fine fragrance oils that are made of a blend of both naturally and synthetically developed ingredients. We develop our products to be safe and cost-effective for our customers. 

How to safely enjoy Handmade Reed Diffusers.

While we love our Reed Diffuser fragrances, please do not consume or use the oil on your skin as perfume, and keep away from children and pets. If the oil spills, clean up immediately, as the oils and resins can cause damage to some finishes and fabrics.
Our Reed Diffuser fragrance oil is not strictly made up of essential oils and is not developed for use in water-based aromatherapy diffusers or humidifiers.

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