Organic Citrus - Conditioner Bar

Organic Citrus - Conditioner Bar

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A rich organic conditioner bar packed with cocoa butter, jojoba oil and vitamin E to deeply nourish hair and help prevent split ends. Use this as a conditioner when washing or as a leave-in hair treatment.

This citrus bar is a blend of uplifting sweet orange, patchouli, grapefruit and lime, with rosemary to care for your hair.

Our conditioner bars are great for most hair types, and are extra beneficial if you have a tendency to get dry hair or split ends, for example if your hair is long or curly.

Key ingredients:

~ Cocoa butter. Hydrates your hair and is gentle on sensitive skin.

~ BTMS 25 and Cetearyl alcohol. A plant-based conditioner to hydrate and detangle hair.

~ Cetyl alcohol. Conditions, smoothes and softens hair.

~ Vitamin E. Helps you keep a healthy head.

~ Jojoba oil. Hydrates your hair without leaving it greasy and is a source of Vitamins B and E and zinc to stimulate hair growth.

~ Almond oil. Contains Vitamins A, D and E to help repair damaged hair and is rich in antioxidants to boost circulation around the scalp.

~ Sweet orange and lime essential oils. Soothe the scalp and smooth the hair, providing Vitamin C which is essential for growth.

~ Grapefruit essential oils. Balance the oils in your hair.

~ Patchouli essential oil. Cleanses your hair.

~ Rosemary essential oil. Boosts circulation for strong, healthy hair.

Each conditioner bar weighs 50g and should last as long as your shampoo bar.

Handmade with love in the UK