Our aim is to offer products from like minded companies, big or small. However, we can't always stock everything (I know I'm gutted about this too!). There are many reasons for this and sometimes it's because a brand is already well established within the retail sector and simply don't offer a wholesale option. We totally understand this, even if it is a bit frustrating.

So, with this is mind it got me thinking about some of the products I have come across or may have been using personally for many years. It seems silly not to share them with you all so I hope this page will be of use and offer solutions to help you carry on living more sustainably.

Smol (Laundry/Dishwasher)

A great company, probably one of the first more 'eco friendly' alternatives I swaped to many years ago. They stock laundry & dishwasher tablets and more recently have launched a fabric softener that doesn't contain animal fat! (Yuk!)

Their laundry tablets are a great alternative to the Eco Egg we stock. I tend to use a mixture of both (not for the same wash though!)

 I have used their dishwasher tablets for the same amount of time. Their performance at getting dishes clean is great, and it's reassuring to know that they are plastic free. They do a great childlock box just in case little fingers try to get into them, I sometimes struggle too!

All of their products are offered on a one off or subscription basis. This is great and can skip deliveries if needed. They offer a free trial pack which is how I got started on them.

Wild (Deoderants)

I have only just recently found this company. I am totally gutted that they don't offer a wholesale option otherwise they would be on our virtual shop shelves without a doubt! 

Their concept and products are brilliant. Have a look, as I think you'll agree it's a win, win when trying to reduce plastic waste. Their deoderant cases are refillable, and the deoderant itself comes in a cardboard packet, perfect! 

We have stocked the Kutis range which is also great. I just love the case and the fact you can buy different scented sticks that just pop in. 

Grace & Green (Personal Hygiene Products) 

Again another recent find. Their organic personal hygiene products are elegantly branded offering a one off or subscription based scheme. 

You will find a lot of talk about feminine products such as these.  Each one is great but I like that these products in particular are a subtle hint as to what happens each month to all us women. The fact is, this monthly event does create a lot of plastic waste. One which actually we could all help try to reduce.

I hope you enjoying finding out about these brands and maybe even giving them a go. There's no affiliate link to any of the above I just simply wanted to share them with our customers. I'm always on the look out for new products and will continue to share my finds (but I would prefer to be able to stock them!).

If you come across anything of interest please let me know info@elsh.co.uk and we'll see if we can stock it.