#timeforchange - check out our rose clay soap and reusable makeup pads

This is one of my more recent swaps. After running out of my trusty Liz Earle cleanse & polish I thought I’d give this combo a go. Well, I have been so impressed.

The Tabitha Eve reusable makeup pads are such an easy swap, fully washable so no waste. They have two sides, the organic cotton muslin side is smooth whilst the other is made from bamboo making it perfect for gentle exfoliating. They come in a handy pack, all reusable and washable. Just pop them into the free bag and throw in with your laundry!

The hand, body and face soap from The Handcraft Company is made using skin loving oils including olive, coconut, ylang ylang, rosemary and lavender oils. They are carefully blended with shea butter and rose clay to create a lush cleansing bar. It’s gentle floral scent is lovely too!

You know I’m always honest about products so on tough eye makeup up, yes I still use a liquid cleanser. I haven’t worked out an alternative to that yet. I very rarely wear heavy eye make up, so not a major issue for me personally, but worth knowing if you do wear a lot.

I have sensitive skin, but this soap is very gentle and if anything improved the overall look, always a plus 😀

So if you are thinking of ways to reduce plastic in the bathroom, this might be one to try.

We also have the goats milk,
honey and oat soap which is super gentle and ideal for eczema prone skin. Whilst the bergamot & Cedarwood soap might be a winner for the menfolk!

Have a great Monday all x
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